Rain – Rachel Mwihaki

Pre-rain storm!
Commotion of lonely hearts
Hurdling together, heat they gather
Joy and sadness,
Hand in hand they waltz
In tune of rain about!

Lonely strides, she walks by
Rain calming the spirit
Disguising an escaping tear
Soft drizzle kissing skin
Yet, at each stride
Sadness overwhelms

Lightning strikes
She pauses,
Not an umbrella to keep dry
Not a cardigan, warmth to keep
Feet continue to shuffle
Away from the following gaze.

Quick steps
Through the drops, light escapes
Peace and satisfaction
Shelter beneath a huge brolly
Gripped so tight to a near break
Controlling his smile,
Each step!

Joy meets sadness,
An umbrella they share
More lie sharing the joy
Joy wipes the tear
Escaping her eye
Bringing a smile in response.

Rain pours
Content with its results
Storms and lightning cheer
The end of sadness
Applauding shared joy
Peace from the rain.


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