Untitled – Ray Mwihaki

“O, rouser of the lands
Pardon my reluctance to  heed your call
To drop me and mine to give   to your cause
I choose to lie a minute longer”

“Farmer most enterprising,
The choice to lie lay not in your hands
But in my voice of reason
By my word you shall tire,
By my staff shall you rise
For your good you shall abide.”

“O, rouser of the lands
Your voice steals my dreams and stabs my ears
Your cause taints the beauty of the coloured morning sky
I shan’t resign my fight for a minute more”

“Farmer most enterprising
A minute more, a shilling less
For your persistence i give you a minute less
For your pains, i raise my neck to the knife
My offspring take over my cause
With a voice most sharp to kill your dreams,
A minute earlier.”


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