Story Ya Genesis – Mwangi Ichung’wa

In the beginning there was nothing. Nothing at all. The Oner existed entirely in his own idea of self, a cocoon of nebulous yet conscious realization – the thought of a thought, if you will, and it was in this state that he was quite contented. But within the bliss there was always the question of what else could there was. Was there a limit? What would it take to reach it? What would result from the quest, if he did indeed embark upon it? These questions stirred a sense of longing in the ambiguity and the Oner found himself restless.

From the essence of the enigma that was the Oner, sinuous wisps of base forms begin to emerge as the longing for more overcame the subtlety of his existence. From these thoughts, matter manifested in the darkness, bereft of the benefit of form and gently, slowly, a nexus beginning to emerge from the nothing. And, for the literally the first time, there was substance. The Oner marvelled at this development and thought some more. Around his new core, a cloud formed, curled up like a foetus in the nonexistent womb. Sparks of static flickered around the edges of the cloud as questions were issued into the void.

Time, having recently come into existence, passed. The formless cloud had expanded, filled with pondering and wonderment. There was a need to see what was amalgamated so far and so there was the thought of luminance. The static sparks grew larger and the cloud was illuminated. With light came form and with form came understanding. The Oner was a pip, the cloud was the flesh. He realised that it was from him and only him that anything could begin. He was the progenitor of it all. In the new brilliance, he marvelled upon the constitution of his mental endeavour and a warm appreciation issued forth from the core of his being. The light around him grew brighter and more of the void that existed around him was elucidated.

Time passed, again, only being of relevance to the Oner. His light was now a spark in the dark expanse within which his questioning being existed. He was always musing now, amassing more form and tangibility as he did. He was content for he knew that if there was indeed anything else out there, it would not have to try too hard to find him. He was a beacon now, a star in what was once the Great Destitution. All a curious entity had to do was seek, and they would surely find.



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