WLL 13 notes


We were seated at the studio computer about to start writing these notes when they cut off the lights. This was on Friday last week. Just before things got better they got worse when we were involved in a comic/tragic mugging at the end of a daft adventure that had started earlier that Saturday. We being I. We lost the old phone and the treasured camera in the process, but that’s another story…

Back to WLL 13 notes. World’s Largest Library 13 was held on the 19th of January at the usual place. It was different from the previous ones in that in this one we took the first steps towards transforming WLL from an event to a community. A bunch of interesting ideas were thrown in by the boys and girls in attendance. One of those ideas was to start a chronicle of WLL in the form of notes and pictures after each party. This is the first of what will become a regular feature of WLL parties, WLL notes. We are still trying to work something out with the photographers in our midst, about the pictures. SFTD.

The main thing of WLL 13 was outlining the idea of WLL as a “collision space” for people and ideas. A full description of the really simple concept, incorporating suggestions suggested on that night, will be presented in the form of the WLL Manifesto, in WLL 14, happening this February 16th. Bring your wilted roses.

The basic idea: WLL will be a cell. One that anyone can join. Where people and ideas meet and… anything happens. Active participation, as opposed to passively attending an event and demanding “entertain us!”. Or just hang out and throw things about. But with the books in the basket at its heart. Hence the word library. The story develops…

In the next WLL, we have a guest DJ we have never heard before. Neither have you, most likely.

Reminder: The current challenge is “Take a character out of a book, put him/her/it on Tom Mboya Street.”



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