The WLL Manifesto

The WLL Manifesto

What’s a manifesto, really, anyway?

WordPress compression making the image hard to read? Here’s the text:


WLL stands for World’s Loudest Library.

1.WLL is a community of people who like books, music and adventure. It is a primordial pond where different things meet and mix, for whatever.

2.WLL is a party. With books. You BYOB, some money and a good book. You drop the book in a bin as you enter. As you leave you pick another book, randomly, from the bin. When done with the book, leave it at a public place for someone else to read and leave somewhere else for someone else to find, read and leave somewhere else etc.

3.WLL is a social network. But not like facebook or the others. But not an alternative. WLL is not an alternative anything. As we grow, the network keeps evolving, changing shape and form. Let’s see where this goes…

4.WLL is D.I.Y. Nonprofit. Nonfunded. Nonbranded. All activities should be held at minimal cost, with whatever contributions, where needed, coming from members. However, business ventures between members are encouraged. Why not?

5.WLL runs on your faith and energy. My faith and energy.

Our font is Calibri.


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