WLL 14 Notes


The next WLL party, no.15, will be held on the ninth day of the third month of the year of the snake. 09 03 2013. The night is expected to be dark, with a waning crescent moon glowing feebly over the city, tired of all the politics.

The last WLL party was held on February 16th. Another night of cool chaos. To say that DJ MoMo did not disappoint is to not know how to put it. Let’s just say he will be DJing at the space a lot more! It was a packed crowd of about 30 happy people, many excellent books were traded and someone brought tequilla, complete with own salt and limes 🙂 Unfortunately, not all the books got the library stickers as the sticker-er was a bit unwell, which means they can’t be released into the wild, doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyed, and nobody died.

WLL 14 saw us launch our own party manifesto, which will always be made available to anyone attending for the first time forever. We hope it articulates clearly what the whole thing is about. We’ll post it up on the facebook page as well as on this blog soon after this notes is done.

Take a character out of a book, put him/her/it on Tom Mboya street. This challenge closes on 08th March 2013. Please send your entry, whatever it is, to freshmanurelit@gmail.com. Stay updated at facebook.com/pmbclibrary and @pmbclibrary. One more thing, we missed you Nali.



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