A few brave souls showed up and dropped books and picked books then we sat around a bit then her boyfriend came and picked her then the other two left a few minutes later and then Keith put on his helmet, fastened leather things and rode off into the uncertain night. Then Damiano came with a group of jumping people after everyone had left, they dropped a few nice books in the bin, did not swap because the swap had already happened, wished the music was still playing, and left as cheerfully as they’d come in.

Nobody was sure who the president was on the night of the 9th of March.

Still, it’s been a good few weeks after that. We made an informal partnership with Lesleigh Kenya, a creative content agency. From now on they will be buying 3 books of their choice by African writers to reward the first 3 entries in response to the creative prompts. Thank you, Lesleigh! We also had a chat with Aleya of Storymoja about fine-tuning the book dropping thingie and we’ll be sharing the cool, simple ideas that were borne out of that before the week is done. Oh, and in September, we’ll have the biggest WLL party yet, at the museum as part of the Storymoja Hay Festival. Looking forward looking forward looking forward!

For now, you’ve got until the 12th to send in your entry to the current, long-running prompt “Take a character out of a book/ put him/her/it on Tom Mboya street.” I’ve taken mine out of a H.P Lovecraft story, maybe I should put it back…

WLL 16 is on April 13th. See you!



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