Charles Dickens’ Pip in Tom Mboya Street – Diana Koka

What manner of place, thought Pip
Juxtaposed in a reality so unreal
A scene so confusing
As confused as my mind, he whispered to self
And saw a sign reading “Tom Mboya Street”
The noise, strange looking people, the street
Everywhere, all over
People’s chatter, idling, walking slow, walking fast
Bumping into Pip
Does anyone have no consideration for manners?
Walking past a shop named Jade
With obscene displays of garments
Pip stops and peeps in
He is in awe and amazed of the wares
But people keep bumping into him
Going out to the street in a daze
Pip notices all manner of strange carts
Numerous with wheels but no horses drawing them
Nevertheless, the carts move fast
And they have passengers inside
Pip pinches himself
He senses he can’t be dreaming and is wide awake
“Keep walking”, he tells himself
A moving cart almost hits him
The shrilly sound it makes takes him out of his daze
Walking on, Pip’s mouth is agape
So many tall buildings, with transparent walls
And wares of all sorts displayed
Signs displaying malls and exhibition all over
Pip feels very lost
Entering an exhibition, it’s a death trap
“How do I breathe?”
Too much of everything
Scents, wares, strange looking people, noise
Pip now has a suffocating feeling
The noise, it’s what gets to Pip the most
What a busy, noisy place!
“I can’t stand this”
“I miss my wanton family” he thinks
“What sort of damned place or dream is this?”


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