Second Try – Jonas Mueller

Ok, so suddenly that guy`s standin there. I am beggin´there at my usual spot on Tom Mboya next to that guy sellin bibles and other Christian books, my empty blueband tin in front of me and sittin on one of my legs in that cripple look fashion, twisting my shoulders and neck in a strange way too. So he standin there in that white but dirty gown in the middle of the sidewalk, absolutely still but for the rush hour stream of people passin by and pushin him around, his facial expression strangely being both: puzzled and serene. Smellin like a goat stable too.

I´m thinkin: keep on going, find your own place, that´s my spot here.

But he lookin at me with his jewish face, smillin calmly under his beard and comin strait towards me, suddenly grabbing me at both my armpits, liftin me up, says: you can now walk again son.

So I am hissin: mind your own business, this`s my spot, but he already turns to that bible seller and is reading in one. That seller says: may I help u sir, how much do you want to spend? Cause he knows that one smellin beggar like that aint got no money.

But the goat smell guy cries out: that´s me, that´s exactly what happened to me couple of years before dad sent me here! Who wrote this? Was this one of Claudius ideas?

That book seller is now kind of furious: are you tryin to tell me, one of Jesus Christ, our saviors own churches saved children, that you are god´s son yourself u filthy beggar? Now that´s a bad joke.

I am sayin: he pretended he healed my leg, too. The bookseller: can everybody see at once that you aint no cripple; and to that goat guy again: better stop that, for claiming to be the savior is the worst of the sins, even worse than suicide. And grabs him tight at his arm.

Then some of that bible sellers church mates pass by and he yells at them, they gather around and that crowd gets bigger and more and more angry and they start to fight, and I can hear someone cryin: I am the king of all kings, that makes the crowd only more furious and than suddenly it stops, seems like the crowd is kind of freezing suddenly.

And then one eventually starts to run for it and soon the others follow runnin away to all sides, and Jesus is lyin there in his blood, murdered by mankind the second time in his life(??), for pretty much the same reason as the first time.






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