ImageThere is something about the way those two play music together, Eki and Collo. It is as much fun to look at as it is to move to. And they picked up nicely with some high energy electro-housy stuff right after Shaz’s classy “brown hip-hop” set. Brown hip-hop is that Dilla/Q-tip sound, because the samples and bass feel sepia.

There should have been a bit more to the part where we read the FreshManure stories and engaged their writers, I felt. Maybe it was because most people had not read them yet, so from now on we shall be posting the submissions as soon as we receive them. Please check them out somewhere in this blog, browse by category.

Party ended slightly past midnight. Someone broke a chair. Abdi helped get a cab for akina Nora after their boda boda guys failed to show up. The studio was still blue with smoke following day past noon.

One more thing. We need a web designer to join the team and help get the podcast back on. And then take over the world.

The next WLL party, no.17, happens on May 11th, same place/time. The topic/challenge/prompt/whatever is simply: Chinua Achebe.



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