WLL 17 Notes.


The night of May 11th was a little wet. Guys made it out though, and in good time. The Lesleigh Inc girls were leading the sermon this time. Linda took the stage and awkwardly but resiliently led us, as we questioned ourselves on why it mattered that Chinua Achebe was dead. If it mattered at all.

The result was an invigorating discussion on the following:

1.       Biafra, Pwani si Kenya and the political apathy of Kenyan writers

2.       “..maybe I just want to write about a girl I f*cked”- and other valid points.

3.       Using “the masters tools”- The English language in African writing.

4.       Racist coconuts.

5.       Writing on one thing for Sixty-something  years- Pros and Cons.

6.       Achebe the relic- Another cultural vegetable that we are supposed to revere but honestly don’t give two sh*ts about.

And many more.

In the end, Achebe is dead and we have a reason to explore his works with fresh eyes.

Lesleigh gave the first three submissions books including an Achebe and a collection of East African poetry. Wonder if the winners will actually read them. Hmmmn..

The bookswap saw probablythe best selection of books yet. Wilde,Herbert, that guy who wrote girl with a dragon tattoo etc. People are getting over their separation anxiety when it comes to their books.

Later on, we partied to the sounds of trap music, drank, talked some more on Achebe and other grand fathers and then people went home.

A nice time all in all.

Shaz for PmbcLibrary.



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