WLL 18 Notes



Ambala lost the key to her post office box. She told us about this while in Tanzania. Two days before WLL 18. It was going to be a train wreck, because there was no way to access all the letters sent in for the WLL 17 challenge. But the train took an interesting detour and we ended up hypnotized for an hour by the mad man eyes of Allan Moore.

About 10 people sat around the TV watching The Mindscapes of Allan Moore, an interview in which the writer of V for Vendetta, The Watchmen and more talks about his early life, how he got into writing, why he writes, what art and writing are for, magic, sex, science, religion and nothing about Jay Z.

Meanwhile, the world whirs ever faster. Moore says that human culture is boiling, about to turn into steam. But where’s the writing?

So we decided to re-energize the WLL writing challenge by announcing an annual WLL writing prize. We have no idea how it will be done but it will. Maybe we could make a panel of judges. Ideas welcome. In the meantime, we need topics/themes for the next 6 WLL challenges. Is there a topic you would like writers to address in any of the forthcoming events? Please send your suggestion to freshmanurelit@gmail.com, and please back up your topic with a reason why. The first 6 topics in our inbox go.

Moritz played Dizzee Rascal bonkers, Fred danced for once, two girls got nicely drunk, one more than the other, and good times were had by nearly everyone. And the books in the bin were nice.

WLL 19 is on July 13. WLL 17 letters will be read then.

Chaos to all.



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