WLL 19 Notes


An Afropolitan is a widely-travelled African who listens to Fela in Bang & Olufsens . No, it is a new type of confident  African rising against old stereotypes of begging bowls and machetes. New type of African? It is a new stereotype.  Smart, well-dressed, well read. No, it is stupid, just a look, superficial material wrapped in Kente cloth. It is the new Negritude. What’s that? Fuck that. It is reactionary. No, it is forward. I disagree. Who needs this attitude? We do, don’t you? It is good. It is bad. Yay. Nay. What’s an Afropolitan anyway?

And then the DJ played some nice tunes, including a preview of an upcoming project titled Funkorino, the happy Italians came late but brought a good vybe, as usual, and that was WLL19.

Afropolitanism is our topic for the next 4 weeks, submitted by good old Nali. Please send your submission to freshmanurelit at gmail dot com. And if you visit our facebook page you will see an interesting discussion on the same by Amandla Ooko-Ombaka, a cheerful soul who was part of the lively crowd on a most interactive night.

WLL20 is on August 9.

PS: Topics to be covered til January 2014 are: Boys vs Girls, Chaos, Love, Transhumanism, Hurray for Development and Purpose.



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