Last things first. Can’t remember much about WLL 20. WLL 21 did not happen because of the Westgate attack. WLL 22 did not happen because some guy locked the place and disappeared with the key. WLL 23 was very quiet, about six of us simply celebrated Nyairo’s birthday and chilled out a bit. Because of all the above, WLL 24 was the loudest yet.

We needed the momentum back so we decided to make it one big party. Everyone must have been in the same spirit because the last guests left around 4am!

We started late, around 9pm. At 10, instead of the usual topical discussion, people discussed their best reads of 2013. It was a most lively chat, nicely co-ordinated by Nyairo and Ray, the new choirmasters. The book swap that followed was short and sweet, if you got a book it very likely was a good one, thanks to the great contributions. After the swap came the party, a perfect start to the holiday season. The DJs did very good things, as everyone who was there will tell you. No cartons were hurt during the making.

This year, well, who knows?

Next WLL is on the February 8th at the same place, same time. Stay with us at facebook.com/pmbclibrary and follow @pmbclibrary for whatever. Have a blessed new year!


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