We Live, We Yuan – Mwangi Ichung’wa



Time is bullshit,

Lead paint is poison,

Baby formula is toxic,

Like my heart


Responses are plastic,

Their small pieces ready,

For you to choke on,

Swallow gurgle and spit,

Package it and sell it on


I’m like that guy at Tiananmen,

Waiting to get run over,

I’m cheap like your friend’s fake Rover,

Doing things undercover,

And falling short of ten


But things could be finer,

Like history that reads,

While we were still trading in beads,

Everything else was being made in China


Homegrown -Ray Mwhihaki

Blind eyes
Squinting in search
Of colour and beauty
Small eyes
All seen is gloom

Wounded hearts
All that is found, never lasts
Weakness in built
In search of the right
Frail hearts abound.

Malfunctioning spirit
His and hers tried
Still thine own unknown
Spirit cries, tries
To free from mediocrity

Failing bodies
Frail and torn
Struggling to be free
Of pain and sorrow
Hoping to survive

Perfect imitations
Of him and her
None real, true
Peoples searching to be free
Of them
Waiting to be homegrown